Welcome to the Machine Learning Reading Group at Brown University. We will meet Wednesdays at 1pm in the CIT library (on floor 4).

MLRG meetings and other news are announced via posts to the ML-READING-GROUP list. You can subscribe at The MLRG leader this (inter)mester is Micha Elsner.

Since summer is more laid-back and informal, we will be having a series of 'clinic' sessions in which one member presents a research problem and we discuss various proposed solutions. If you have an ongoing or just-completed project involving machine learning, please offer to lead a session!

Date Topic Important People
June 13 Genetic Motif Recognition (?)
No reading required!
Anna Ritz
June 20 Bayesian Grammar Refinement
Optional reading: The Infinite PCFG Using Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes
Will Headden
June 27 Sparse Online Gaussian Process Regression
Dan Grollman
August 1 Bayesian Conversation Disentanglement
Micha Elsner
August 8 Slicing-based Coherence Measures for Clustering 3-d Curves
tech report
Cagatay Demiralp
August 15 Variable Model Fitting for DTI
Cagatay Demiralp