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Machine Learning Reading Group

Fall 2010

Welcome to the Machine Learning Reading Group at Brown University. We meet in CIT 345 on most Thursdays at 12:00pm and are open to all students and faculty. (If you can't make this time, please email the group leader.)

MLRG meetings and other news are announced via posts to the ML-READING-GROUP list. You can subscribe here. The MLRG leader this semester is Jason Pacheco.

If you have an ongoing or just-completed project involving machine learning, please offer to lead a session!


Date Topic Discussion leaders
Sep 9 Organizational Meeting  
Sep 16 Modeling Interaction via the Principle of Maximum Causal Entropy
B. D. Ziebart, J. A. Bagnell, A. K. Dey
Jason Pacheco
Sep 23 Gaussian Process Topic Models
A. Agovic, A. Banerjee
Dae Il Kim
Sep 30 Distance dependend Chinese restaurant processes
D. Blei, P. Frazier
Micha Elsner
Oct 7 Linearly-solvable Markov decision problems
E. Todorov
Jason Pacheco
Oct 14 An Alternative Prior Process for Nonparametric Bayesian Clustering
H. M. Wallach, S. T. Jensen, L. Dicker, K. A. Heller
( slides )
Soumya Ghosh
Oct 28 A Nonparametric Information Theoretic Clustering Algorithm
L. Faivishevsky, J. Goldberger
Nov 5 Supervised topic models
D. Blei, J. McAuliffe
Mike Hughes