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Machine Learning Reading Group

Fall 2012

Welcome to the Machine Learning Reading Group at Brown University. We meet in CIT 345 on most Thursdays a 12:00pm and are open to all students and faculty. (If you can't make this time, please email the group leader.)

MLRG meetings and other news are announced via posts to the ML-READING-GROUP list. You can subscribe here. The MLRG leader this semester is Mike Hughes. Please email: mhughes AT

If you have an ongoing or just-completed project involving machine learning, please offer to lead a session!


Date Topic Discussion leaders
Sept 6 Bayesian Checking for Topic Models
D. Mimno & D. Blei
Inspired by This post on Gelman's blog.
Thomas Wiecki
Sept 13 Introduction to ML Software
STAN (Gelman et al.)
BUGS (Bayesian inference using Gibbs Sampling)
various artists
Oct 4 Learning individual and population level traits from clinical temporal data
Suchi Saria, D. Koller, and A. Penn
Mark Homer
Oct 4 Effective Split-Merge Inference for Nonparametric Models of Sequential Data
M. Hughes, E. Fox, and E. Sudderth
Mike Hughes
Oct 29 The discovery of structural form
Kemp and Tennenbaum
Jeff Miller
Nov 11 Practical Bayesian Optimization of Machine Learning Algorithms
J. Snoek, H. Larochelle, and Ryan Adams
Mike Hughes
Nov 11 Truncation-free Stochastic Variational Inference for Bayesian Nonparametric Models
Chong Wang and David Blei
Mike Hughes
Nov 23 Priors for diversity in generative latent variable models
James Zhou and Ryan Adams
Soumya Ghosh